My 2020 in Numbers & Doodles

I wanted to make a personal 2020 recap, but I didn't want to do another boring blog post. I thought what better way than to merge two of my interests: doodling & data. Unbeknownst to many, all of your social media sites have an option to download personal data. You can usually find this option somewhere in the privacy settings. Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Welcome to my 2020 in numbers & doodles! I created this using Procreate on an iPad with an Apple Pencil.

This year I launched my own Etsy business - EYAU Studio. Even though it was stressful juggling between my full-time job & the studio, I'm proud of myself for the leap and doing something I love.

I'm really proud of the stacked bar chart here - not a bad visualization for my mobile food ordering habits. And yes, Nando's is amazing!

I was most interested in seeing the outcome of this chart. It seems that my bubble tea loyalty really does lie with Coco. Their lemon yakult is unparalleled, though Kung Fu Tea's Signature Lite Fruit Tea is a close second.

Upon reflection, I don't think ordering from Amazon is necessary. But as someone who is extraordinarily lazy, they've made it too easy to make an order. Check out my working list of small businesses for shopping alternatives.

Though this number is not grounded in any actual data, I included it to humanize my 2020 review. It was a tough year for everyone.

I hope whoever thought of Spotify Wrapped got a raise. These were my top bops for the year. I'm a big pop listener and proud.

Here are some other interesting statistics that I found on my social media accounts. I'm excited to see how this will compare to my 2021 data!